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Install Solar Water Heating System with Building Codes and Regulations

Before opting for solar water heating system installation, you must examine local building codes, subdivision covenants, zoning ordinances, and also any special regulations relating to the location. You’ll possibly require a building approval to set up a solar heating system onto your existing building.

Not every municipality or community primarily welcomes domestic renewable energy setups. Though this is usually because of lack of knowledge or the newness of renewable energy systems, one should meet the existing building & permit processes to install their system.

The subject of building code & zoning acquiescence for a solar system set up is usually a local issue. Even though a statewide building code is in effect, it is generally imposed locally by your county, city, or rural community.

Common issues home owners encounter with building acts include:

  • Objectionable heat exchangers
  • Exceeding roof weight
  • Inappropriate wiring
  • Illegal interfering with drinkable water supplies

Prospective zoning problems include:

  • Impeding sideyards
  • Raising illegal protrusions on the roof
  • Installing the system too close to roads or lot boundaries.

Special area codes like local community or homeowner’s association contracts also insist compliance. These contracts, historic district acts, and flood-plain supplies can easily be ignored.

To have a good understanding of what is required for local compliance, do the following:

  • Contact your local jurisdiction’s zoning & building enforcement departments
  • Shortly explain your designed construction, inquiring for other applicable codes or ordinances that might be in effect.
  • Discover if there’re any extra local amendments to the acts in effect.
  • Inquire how to make sure whether you’re situated in a historic province, flood-plain region or any special group controlled by a govt body.
  • Inquire where you can find relevant ordinances/codes (govt offices, local library, etc.)
  • Read relevant sections of the acts, making copies of information you want to submit for future review & design/installation examination.
  • Ask if they’ve any provisions, ordinances, or agreements that may have an impact on the design & installation of the solar water heating system.
  • Cop & file relevant sections for reference.

So, now you have the idea about building codes & regulations for solar water heating system! Now its time to take advantage of this ground breaking solution by ordering high-quality solar water heating kits & heater systems online from Northern Lights. Feel free to check out our complete Solar Hot Water Heating Package with built in Heat Exchanger and Back up Heating Element.

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