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Top 4 Solar Water Heaters To Choose For Your Needs

Definition Of a Solar Water Heater: –

A solar water heater helps in converting sunlight into renewable energy for water heating purposes using a solar thermal collector. However, there’s a wide availability of solar water heaters on the market to choose from.

If you’re thinking to buy a solar water heating system best suiting your water heating needs and requirements, then you’ll find a variety of products. So, let us help you buy the product for water heating needs. Take a look at the post below and decide on your own!

Pre Heat Solar Tank System: –

In general, a pre-heat solar tank system utilizes two types of tanks, like solar pre heat tank and a basic solar hot water storage tank. Usually, the solar pre-heat tank supplies warm water to your existing hot water tank. However, a pre-heat solar tank is a type of solar water heating system; which uses an existing hot water tank and requires very small retrolift to the plumbing. The existing main supply line is connected to the pre-heat tank and then drawn back to the supply after gets heated.

Solar With Tank-less Water Heaters: –

In this type of water heating system, the water is pre-heated through the solar storage tank before entering the tank less heater. For instance, the main line water coming into the home at 40 degrees can be heated in a pre-heat tank at 120; if the tank less heater is set to 140 degrees, it will only supply 20 degrees of heat energy against 100 degrees without the pre-heat tank. As a result of which, a significant amount of heat can be saved.

Solar Combo Tank System: –

Solar Combo Tank System comprises of a solar pre-heat tank and an electric back up heater. This tank utilizes an internal heat exchange present in the bottom part of the tank and also at the top, the tank contains an electric heater to increase the water temperature even during the days of no sun. However, Solar combo tank systems are useful alternative to new home installations and can be a better option to replace your existing water tank.

Compact Solar Water Heaters: –

If you need a water heater for your domestic applications, then you can just make a purchase of a compact solar water heater. Without any moving parts and pump, this water heater can be a good alternative to advanced closed loop solar water heaters. This solar water heating system can be ideal in southern climates and are in good condition up to 20F (-5 C). Usually, you can install it on the ground or get mounted on the roof.

Conclusion: –

Do you want to buy these solar water heaters? Then, check out the latest collection of solar water heating systems on Solar Tubs and make a perfect purchase for your home as well as your family. Fore information about our products, feel free to browse through the website or contact online! We are available 24/7 to help you!

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